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Online chess lessons

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Decode chess review

DecodeChess is the first artificial intelligence-based website to analyze your games. In this review, I’ll show you why you need this tool to improve your skills. What is DecodeChess? DecodeChess is the world’s first and only artificial intelligence-based chess software developed by Decodea that auto-explains the moves of a chess engine. DecodeChessuses open-source engine stockfish… Read More »Decode chess review

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Why GingerGM Method works

In 2017, Grandmaster Simon Williams launched his best-selling course GingerGM method. Read this review to find out why these lessons work great for chess lovers.  What you will learn from the Ginger GM Method course? The first course focuses on how to deal with opening and how to play opening without remembering various lines and… Read More »Why GingerGM Method works