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6 best chess courses by grandmaster Igor Smirnov


Igor Smirnov is a Ukrainian grandmaster who founded a remote chess academy in 2009.

We are going to review the 6 best courses on his website.

Who is Igor Smirnov?

Igor Smirnov was born in Ukraine in 1987. At the age of 14, he becomes an international master and at 21 he becomes a grandmaster. Igor has won many prestigious tournaments such as the Kasparov cup, Czech open junior, etc.

He started full-time coaching when he becomes grandmaster. In 2009 he found a remote chess academy (also known as chess-teacher). On this website, he published various courses recorded by him. His course grandmaster positional sacrifice becomes very popular within a year after launching.

Igor also offers various free courses on his website and on Udemy. We will look into it.

Igor Smirnov

6 Best courses by grandmaster Igor Smirnov

Remote chess academy has published more than 75 courses on its website and more than 5 courses are on Udemy. In which most of the courses are targeted at intermediate players.

His teaching quality is excellent. You can purchase any of his courses blindly. Let’s see some of the best paid and free courses.

  • The secrets of strong players – This course shows the exact difference between beginner players and advanced players. GM Igor explains several most critical differences between amateur players and master-level players. Igor has also given 8 practical tasks to players. You can purchase this course from here
  • Winning the middlegame – Generally, people get confused when they are playing middlegame. They don’t understand what exact strategy they should apply.
    Igor will help you by explaining some patterns and themes about this. The two chapters which I liked are evergreen middlegame strategy and The Main Middlegame Plan Unknown to Amateur Players. If you are also confused then you should defiantly purchase this course.
  • How to analyze your games – This is a completely free course created by GM Igor Smirnov. Many players underestimate the value of self-analysis of games. Analyzing your own games is difficult.
    In this course, Igor explained practical and psychological tips to analyze your games. You will get free access to this course by clicking here
  • The Grandmaster’s Techniques – 2nd edition – This is a course Igor published on Udemy. The usual ways of training give very slow progress and even sometimes these are completely ineffective. Finding a GOOD chess coach is also a huge problem. In this course, Igor will teach you about an effective way of learning all the time. This course is perfect for players who don’t have a private coach. Get this course from here.
  • The Grandmaster’s Secrets – This course will teach you the correct thinking method which will avoid your mistakes and will give you the correct idea about how to make plans. Also, you will learn how to avoid the typical mistakes in chess development, which nearly all chess players make. This is one of the bestselling courses by Igor Smirnov. You can buy this course from here.
  • Boleslavsky Pawn Structure – Pawns decides the structure of the entire game. This course will teach you about maneuvering the pieces, Pawn structures, and many different ideas. Click here to look into the course.

Super Pack

GM Igor Smirnov’s Super Pack

If you are really interested in purchasing 5-7 courses on the remote chess academy website, then I will recommend you to purchase this full pack. In this course, you will get 17 courses and some e-books + a private group of Igor Smirnov for $997.

You will think this package is expensive but if you take private tuition from grandmaster then you will be charged $50 per hour. This means you can only attend 20 hours for $1000. But you are getting all this in just $997.

The best thing is that you can download all this on your computer and watch this anywhere.

Click here to read full details about this super pack.

Udemy chess course

Is this course really worth it?

Igor is teaching chess for the last 12 years. He is also a grandmaster. Defiantly you will find this course fully valuable.

Igor has also taught many students who are now international masters and grandmasters.

I also have watched many courses and find them useful.

Generally purchasing chess courses is a good deal. You will get insights from top players at very less cost.

In conclusion, I will recommend you to go with free courses which are available on the website and then only purchase the paid courses.