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Free tips

Brain power booster

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Resources for improvement


6 best chess courses by grandmaster Igor Smirnov

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best online chess lessons

6 Best online chess lessons to improve your skills

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Chess basics

Chess Quotes

27 Chess Quotes About Life, Business, and Fun

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chess strategy

Best Chess Strategy For Beginners

Chess is a strategic game that entails careful calculation, good positional understanding, great tac…

Tips to win

Have you ever felt at a loss with what to do after reading chess tips? From our coaches, you’ll only hear advice that you actually put into practice in your games.

Everybody wants to be good at chess, but only a few do the right things to actually make progress. In this epic guide, we collected the best tips to improve your skills and achieve your goals based on your rating.

Resources that work

With so much material out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Don’t worry, our experts have selected the best chess courses based on your level.

There are a whole host of online lessons covering every aspect of the game. Which ones do really work? And, which ones do you need right now? In this comprehensive guide, we review the most popular and highly-rated courses that suit your needs.

The basics

If you’re a beginner, start from the basics. Learn how to set up a chessboard, how to move pieces, together with basic concepts of strategy and tactics.