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chess strategy

Best Chess Strategy For Beginners

Chess is a strategic game that entails careful calculation, good positional understanding, great tactical vision, and visualization skills. Chess strategy is a very important aspect of the game that must be mastered in order to be an advanced player. Basics of Chess Strategy Chess can be divided into two parts namely: chess strategy and chess… Read More »Best Chess Strategy For Beginners


How to Set Up a Chessboard

One of the important things a beginner in chess has to learn is how to properly set up a chessboard. In as much as the beginner has to learn individual piece moves, learning how to set up a chessboard shouldn’t be an exception. How to Set Up a Chessboard for Beginners Many learners and beginners… Read More »How to Set Up a Chessboard


Best Nootropics for Chess – Enhance Your Brain Power

To improve your chess game, start by enhancing your brain power! Here are the best nootropics for chess players. What are Nootropics? Nootropics are substances claimed to enhance cognitive function in healthy individuals. Nootropics are often called cognitive enhancers, brain steroids, miracle drugs, and smart drugs. They’re just a way to boost your brain power.… Read More »Best Nootropics for Chess – Enhance Your Brain Power