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Learn how to play chess online

Chess online

Chess is a popular game played by millions of people all over the globe.

If you have never played before, you will quickly find that playing chess online is an excellent way to learn how to master the game of chess.

chess online

The rising popularity of chess

Every big city has at least one professional chess club where players from all over the world regularly participate in tournaments.

Recently, the game started gaining massive popularity due to the Queen’s gambit effect and has seen millions of people interested in learning and mastering the noble game.

Online chess sites are seeing massive traffic like never before and this shows the increasing interest in the game.

A host of online chess websites and chess online courses are available with the aim of equipping beginners with the necessary knowledge and expertise to become a good chess player, however, a newbie getting started in chess can find this confusing.

The aim of this guide is to show you the basic ideas of this game and recommend resources that you can use to perfect your game.

learn chess online

Learn how to set up a chessboard

Chess is played by two players on a chessboard having 64 squares.

The 64 squares consist of “light” and “dark” squares.

When properly set up, a white square ought to be the furthest right square along the edge nearest to every player.
Chess Online

At the start of every game, chess pieces are set up in the two horizontal rows (known as ranks i.e lines going up from 1 – 8) nearest to every player.

The vertical columns i.e lines from left to right are called “FILES” and are given letters a through h. The subsequent position ie. the second row from the player’s point of view – comprises a line of eight pawns, each positioned on a solitary square.

The game is played with a chess clock as is usually done in competitions, the first player to use up all available time loses the game.

Learn more about how to set up a chessboard.

chess online

How to move chess pieces

There are not many rules in chess, but most of them are about how pieces move.

Fortunately, it’s easy to remember them if you put them into practice right away.

Learn how to move chess pieces.

Learn how to castle

Castling is a concept that is peculiar to chess.

You need to learn a couple of simple rules to castle your king in order to play safe and not expose him by leaving in the center.

Learn how to castle in chess.

Find the best websites to learn chess

With the internet, you can always find a player at your level or a lesson to improve your skills.

There’s plenty of websites where you can play chess or take free and premium lessons.

Find the best websites to learn chess.

Find the best chess strategy for beginners

Once you know what a chessboard looks like, how the pieces move, and all the rules, you still need to know how to put all that into practice.

Indeed, you can’t just move pieces haphazardly. To win a game, you need a strategy.

Learn more about the best chess strategy for beginners.

Take inspiration from chess quotes

There wisdom in quotes from grandmasters.

Sometimes, it takes time and experience to fully understand them. However, they can be a hint for improvement.

Other quotes are not about chess as much about life and success in general.

One thing wrong about quotes is that sometimes they contradict. Be careful about what quotes you will use in your life.

Be firm with decisions but as well as flexible. Be firm to the point that it will be a principle. Be flexible because you know that it doesn’t always apply.

Take inspiration from these chess quotes.