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Why GingerGM Method works

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In 2017, Grandmaster Simon Williams launched his best-selling course GingerGM method.

Read this review to find out why these lessons work great for chess lovers. 

What you will learn from the Ginger GM Method course?

The first course focuses on how to deal with opening and how to play opening without remembering various lines and variations. The second course will focus on attacking secrets to beat your opponent. You will also learn how to find key aspects from positions.

Grandmaster Simon also revealed chess improvement tactics and shortcuts that helped him to become a strong grandmaster. These courses will save you a lot of time and effort if you are spending too much time on openings.

Apart from opening understanding, you will also receive rarely-discussed tips on rapid games, accurate calculation, player psychology, and killer endgame instinct in the first course.

In the second course, you will understand about how tactics work, how to avoid common mistakes which usually club player makes, how to launch the attack in the middle game. He also analyzed some games of former world champion Mikhail Tal.

Ginger GM method

Course structure and chapter list

Chess Improvement Secrets for the Busy Player

Chapter list

  1. Building a solid foundation
  2. Secrets of the opening as White
  3. Secrets of the opening as Black
  4. From the opening into the middlegame
  5. Finding the correct middlegame plan
  6. When and how to launch an attack
  7. When to trade pieces
  8. How to improve your positional play
  9. Maneuvering to win
  10. How to improve your tactical play
  11. Efficient calculation technique
  12. Know your enemy
  13. Defensive play – building a sense of danger
  14. Improving your endgame instinct
  15. Essential endgames
  16. Have fun!
  17. Next steps: improvement tips

Check out the details on the course page.

Revolutionize your Chess

Chapter list

Part 1: How the openings connect to the middlegame

  1. Thinking in the right way
  2. Attack with the Isolated Pawn
  3. How to get your Isolated Pawn positions with 1.e4
  4. Typical attacks, tactics, and plans after 1.e4 – Part 1
  5. Typical attacks, tactics, and plans after 1.e4 – Part 2
  6. The ideas behind the French Defense
  7. Typical attacks, tactics, and plans in the French
  8. The ideas behind the English Defense
  9. Typical attacks, tactics, and plans in the English Defense

Part 2: How to find better moves

  1. The ‘Awakening’
  2. Premature ‘Attackulation’
  3. How to Calculate and Attack
  4. Typical Patterns and Keeping the Pressure On!
  5. Stopping your Opponents’ Plans
  6. VisualizationGM Simon Williams

Check out the details on the course page.

Simon williams

About the author

Grandmaster Simon Williams was born in England. He became a grandmaster in 2008 at hasting’s master chess tournament. Simon Williams Fide rating is 2464.  Simon is a very famous chess commentator and has provided commentary in elite events such as Gibraltar Chess Festival and in many online events organized by

He has recorded many videos and courses for different websites such as, chessbase,, and of course for his own website

tim mossholder WE Kv ZB1l0 unsplash 3

Who you will need this course?

This course is perfect for players who are unrated to players who are around 2100 rated. As we have seen above, this course is dedicated to improving your opening patterns and opening strength; this is the reason this course is perfect for most of the player.

josh appel NeTPASr bmQ unsplash 1 3

How much it will cost?

The combined price of both the courses is $139.95 for the download version and $168.95 for the disc + download version. Buy here.

If you want to purchase only 1 course then it will cost you $79.95 for the download version and $98.95 for the disc download version.

You can also purchase ichess premium membership for just $1 in the first month and save 40% on the above prices.

I will say the price is a little bit on the higher side but totally worth it. This course will be useful for you for many years. So if you are a beginner and if you purchase these courses now, then you can watch these courses after 1-2 years.

Should you purchase this course?

The opening is the key point of the game. If you misplayed at the start of the game then you have to suffer a lot to get equality and a better position. Simultaneously you have to focus on middlegame also.

In these two courses, Simon covered a complete guide for preparing the opening and middlegame. If you learn one key point from all of these courses then also it will be beneficial for you in long term.

Also, in the 2nd course, Simon analyzed various games of top players such as Tal, Alekhine, Botvinnik, and Karpov. From these games, you will learn some advanced methods for finding various strongest moves.

As per my opinion, you should definitely opt for these GingerGM Method courses. These courses will give you a complete guide on opening preparation and middlegame fundamentals.

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