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7 Best Udemy chess courses to improve your chess

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Udemy is the largest online course publishing website.

There are a lot of chess courses available. In this article, we will see some of the best Udemy chess courses.

What is Udemy

Udemy is an American company that provides online courses all over the world. Udemy is one of the largest online course producers. Anybody can become a tutor and create a course on this website. This website is best to learn skills. After you finish the course then you get a certificate of completion. If you want to learn new skills then definitely you should purchase courses from Udemy.

Udemy chess courses

7 Best Udemy Chess courses

There are various chess courses available on Udemy. Here we will see some of them. The course prices are generally ranging from $10 to $20.

Many of the courses are focusing on opening and middlegame and this is exactly you should practice. In 2020 due to pandemics, many top chess masters launched their courses on Udemy.

Here we are recommending some of the best courses which you can buy from Udemy.

  1. Chess Tactics Essentials – This is the best-seller chess course on the Udemy website. In this course, Norman Brandon explained chess tactics, their importance. Already more than 16000 students learned from this course. You will also get a PDF of this course as well as some exercises. Visit this course from here
  2. Understanding chess openings – Grandmaster Mykhaylo Oleksiyenko is a very famous coach. He worked with many top grandmasters.  He has his own course on Udemy about the opening. In this course, you will know exactly what to do in the opening how to do it and, what may be even more important, Why you need to do it. Visit this course from here.
  3. Chess Openings for White and Black Taught by a Grandmaster – This course is developed by Grandmaster Mesgen Amanov. This course is perfect for beginner and intermediate players. Mesgen briefly explained more than 20 openings in this course. You will also get a PGN file after completing the full course. Visit this course from here.
  4. Advanced Chess Lessons with FM Mike Ivanov
    If you want to improve your chess and looking for some advanced tactics then this course is for you! He explained some advanced positional themes and some openings in this course. Visit this course from here.
  5. Chess Middlegame – How to outplay your opponent – This course is designed and produces by Vakhidov Daler who is a strong chess player. Most beginner players study opening in the wrong way. This course will teach them how to play opening properly and teach you some basic fundamentals. Visit the course from here.
  6. Learn to Play Chess: from a Novice to a Fierce Competitor – This course is perfect for those who are absolute beginners. In this course, you will learn how to move pieces, how to checkmate, how to promote, and much more. I will recommend this course to those who are absolute beginner players and even don’t know how to play chess. The author himself is an international master and a very famous player from Australia. Visit the course from here
  7. Chess University’s Intro To Chess Crash CourseChess university is a very popular website for chess courses. They also offered a completely FREE course on Udemy. This course offers comprehensive instruction for beginners, including first-time players, who want to learn chess. This course caters to players of all ages whose chess strength is below the rating of 900 Elo. I will recommend taking this FREE course and learn basic chess. Visit the course from here

chess university

Tips before purchasing any Udemy course

These tips will give you some guidelines about selecting a proper chess course.

  • As Udemy is an open-source platform, always check author credentials before purchasing any course. There can be many authors which are not relevant to this field.
  • After creating an account, if Udemy is not showing any discount on courses then wait for some time. They will show discounts on a maximum of 2-3 days.
  • Buy only those courses which you will need the most. Don’t purchase too many courses. Complete one course and then only purchase another course.

chess university

Are Udemy chess courses really worth it?

Udemy is an open-source platform where anyone can post recorded courses. This platform is really good for people who want to learn basic skills and some little advanced skills.

If you are just starting your chess journey then Udemy courses are very likely suitable for you.

The best fact about Udemy is the prices are very much competitive. You can learn all courses by paying very little bucks.

But, If you want to become an expert in chess then you have some other options such as,, video course, etc.

In a conclusion, I will suggest that don’t hesitate to purchase Udemy courses as most of the courses are worth a single penny. It is very much better if you select courses from our best picks.

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