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The best websites to learn chess

best websites to learn chess

Even if you don’t have anyone to play chess with, or if you don’t have chess books, you can still find players to play and lessons to learn.

Where? On these 3 websites to learn and play chess!

chess online

This is the #1 chess online website in the world with about 50+ million users.

The site enables you to learn and practice chess through instructive laid-out courses, grandmaster lessons, and videos, articles for amateurs, member game analysis using renowned chess engine Stockfish, and In-depth analysis of top tournaments by top grandmasters and international masters.

The site also incorporates online training programs like tactics trainer and chess mentor to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses, a study guide for all levels, a massive game and opening explorer database where you get to browse through millions of master games, save instructive positions, and get full win/draw/loss statistics for every variation.

chess online


This is a completely free and adless chess online site visited daily by thousands of people for the sole purpose of learning and playing chess.

This site enables you to learn all chess basics lessons and video library, create and play tournaments, correspondence chess, and simultaneous exhibitions, analyze your games instantly using the deep stockfish 13+ server.

You can also get to play normal standard chess and 8 other variants such as crazyhouse, chess960, King of the hill, Horde, etc., learn from Lichess studies, get insights from your games, tactical puzzles too.

You can also spectate grandmaster games and enjoy their games.

chess online


Chessable is another comprehensive and unique social learning chess online site whose point is to make learning chess as simple and productive as could be expected.

You may be asking “What makes Chessable unique and interesting?” Well, it is the only chess learning site/application that depends intensely on logical and scientific methodology.

Chessbase allows you to repeatedly play through chess moves be it an opening variation or endgame where you are rewarded if it is done accurately.